We believe there is so much power in prayer.  What is prayer?  Prayer is simply talking to God.  God wants to have personal relationship with us and one way we can build that relationship with Him is by talking to Him.  Matthew 7:7 tells us that we are suppose to Ask God and Seek God.  We do this through prayer.  

We have a Prayer Room at our church where anyone can come and pray when the church is open.  The room is also used every Sunday during Worship as we pray for:

-  God to move in the service

-  People will hear a Word from God

-  Hearts will be open to hear from God

-  Our Church

-  Other Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request we would love to come along side of you and pray with you.  You can send us prayer request by emailing us at the prayer line below or you can call the church at (865) 982-5663.  

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